The Money Lake

Inspired by a true event

An idyllic lake in a peaceful forest…with death just down the road.

Anna Koenig is a young, smart, and ambitious woman in 1889. But her quest to build bridges, tunnels, and tall buildings is stymied by the male-dominated world. Of necessity, she takes the lesser position of supervising the buildings and grounds of a rural retreat for the wealthy. As Anna struggles to succeed, she luckily has Ben, a former slave, as a talented and wise subordinate. Over time, the two overcome their vast personal differences to forge a strong working relationship. Disaster and death lurk nearby, however, for those at the retreat…including Anna and Ben.

A Debt Too Dear

A Novel of Action and Suspense

A casual summer hike under a blue sky…on a tourist’s dream of a Maine island…what could possibly go wrong?

A dying philanthropist, Major Victor Remington, invites several cash-starved friends to his private Maine island for a farewell party. Once there, the friends find that the major also proposes to wipe out their debts and enrich them for life…if each person will hike alone about the island. Such action will symbolize past adventures shared with him in the many wilds of the world. Unknown to all but the major, however, is that the heavily wooded scenic island contains a terrible danger. Ah, but the major has a plan to protect his dear friends as he conducts his last grand gesture—a plan with unforeseen flaws and deadly consequences.

To Touch the Earth Again

Inspired by a true and terrifying day in Appalachia

The iron whistle set above the adit of the North Slope mine was only eight inches tall, but its high-pitched sound could penetrate every nook and cranny of the coal-mining camp. Some of the camp’s Irish miners likened the sound to a banshee’s wail since the whistle cried the same blood-curdling warning: The angel of death is nigh.

Possum Run, the unique coal town, deserves to exist— deserves to thrive—but fate has a different plan.

Only weeks out of medical school, Dr. Philip Springer sees disaster coming—but the wrong kind. He is forced to substitute for the only doctor in Possum Run, Tennessee, a tiny coal town isolated high in the rugged Appalachian Mountains. To the doctor’s surprise, Possum Run defies many mining town stereotypes. It is peaceful and harmonious and, despite the Depression, offers full employment. But trouble is brewing in paradise. A politically connected miner is endangering the mine, and the huge slag dam high above the town is leaking badly. Even so, under the masterful guidance of his faithful nurse, Philip learns to be a doctor as well as part of the town. Then one day, he and Possum Run face a danger far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.